How to Unlock Ratchet Straps the Easy Way

Published on 09/09/13

Ratchet tie downs are an incredibly effective way to secure heavy loads while they are being transported to a new location via a hauling trailer or moving truck. It’s important to learn not only how to assemble ratchet straps, but also how to unlock ratchet straps as well before you start using them. It’s an easy process to follow, but one that some users forget to learn before they start using ratchet straps for the first time.

There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination after a long haul and being unable to release your cargo because you don’t know how to undo the straps. By following the easy steps below for how to release ratchet straps, however, you can learn how to quickly unlock your straps the right way so that you’ll never have to deal with a last minute hassle again.

Before you begin unlocking your ratchet straps, always make sure that the vehicle towing the items has come to a complete stop and that the emergency brake has been set to prevent any accidents. Once this has been done, take the ratchet strap in one hand, and move the center latch, which includes a spring-loaded device, with two of your fingers. Keep holding the latch while you begin rotating the ratchet device until it reaches the “open” position.

Once the latch has been moved into the open position (which requires about a 180 degree turn), release the latch opening. Next, you need to move the ratchet assembly from the load and loosen the strap, pulling the loose end out of the ratchet slot.

Finally, remove the strap from the load and start unloading. It’s as simple as that to remove items from their shipping position and get them out to your customers in no time at all.