How to Use a Ratchet Strap Explained by the Pros

Published on 09/16/13

A ratchet strap is a must-have tool for many different activities, including moving heavy items such as furniture and cars and for safely transporting large numbers of boxes from one location to another. Although you may not be familiar with how to use a ratchet strap, the following are some tips from the pros that will make it easy to learn how to use these handy shipping tools.

The first thing to do when using a ratchet strap is to put it together. When you take a close look at your ratchet straps, you’ll see that these types of straps are made with one piece of heavy-duty fabric that has a hook on one end, and a ratchet assembly that is installed on the other end. The second end of a ratchet strap consists of a hook and a plain end. The end with nothing on it gets looped into the ratchet assembly, while one of the hooks gets attached to an anchor hook inside the truck or trailer or onto the vehicle’s frame.

To ensure a snug fit, experts recommend pulling the strap tightly by hand in order to remove any slack, but not so tight that it damages the cargo. Finally, pull the ratchet handle up and down in order to continue tightening the strap until it’s secure enough for transport. Then, close the ratchet handle in order to close and lock it into position.

Once you know how to use ratchet straps, it will become easy to quickly secure your loads with minimal effort. By using a high quality ratchet strap versus plain ropes or chains, which are both unreliable solutions, you can rest easy that every load will be properly secured when you are on the road.