Shipper's Supplies

5.0 out of 5 average from 5 ratings

PROS: Offers a large variety of straps and you can choose your length and color on most all of the straps right online. There are also discounts for quantity buys. They also carry a lot of other items for cargo control and securement, including moving blankets, cargo bars, and e track load bars. Very easy to use and navigate the site. CONS: Good site overall, very little not to like.

08/25/10 Martha — 5 / 5 stars
Our company is so happy to have found Shippers Supplies. Not only are their prices so much lower than the other suppliers we had been purchasing from, but their employees are very helpful, and their service is extremely prompt and accommodates shipping to our various locations in different states. I highly recommend using them.
07/20/10 Chris McKinney — 5 / 5 stars
jack bars are high quality, low price; we use them to secure both floor loaded and palletized product and have had no issues; local manufacturer allows us to order when needed, not months in advance
06/16/10 Larry Jones — 5 / 5 stars
It is a pleasure to do business with a company like Shipper's Supplies who is willing to furnish their customer with an item specific to their needs. I have gladly recommended Shipper's Supplies to many of my friends and associates who have need for items such as those supplied by this company.
We seem to be in an era now where the run of the mill supplier has the attitude this is what we make we don't care if it doesn't address your needs. And oh yes, we are going to make more from you by charging double or triple the actual shipping cost.
06/12/10 Slushbusters Party Rental — 5 / 5 stars
Good quality tent straps at a great price and best of all fast shipping.
06/08/10 The AlpacaRosa — 5 / 5 stars
Excellent service. We had a need for custom straps, and Shipper Supplies gave us quick service, excellent pricing, and excellent quality products. I would recommend Shipper Supplies for all your strap needs.
Don Marquette
The AlpacaRosa owner