Lodi Metals

5.0 out of 5 average from 24 ratings

PROS: Offers a lot of straps to choose from that you can buy directly from the website and even custom straps. Also has load bars and e track along with just about anything else you would need for cargo control. CONS: Lots of product to wade through to find what you are looking for.

03/02/11 marcio goncalves — 5 / 5 stars
very good product, trustable, very good treatment on buying, very fast shipment , I honestly recommend
03/01/11 C. Melkunas — 5 / 5 stars
I've been looking for replacement hooks for my roof rack straps. Finally I found them at Lodi Metals. Very nice internet site. Easy to find what I've been looking for. Pictures and descriptions of hardware very useful.
09/23/10 Phil Braker — 5 / 5 stars
Lodi Metals has been wonderful to work with for our load securement needs. Customer service is top notch and they have been very accomodating to our needs.
08/25/10 dennis sams — 5 / 5 stars
Adam and the other folks at Lodi have been providing efficient, fast service each time I've placed an order. They have items that I didn't find elsewhere, have provided same or next day turnaround even on custom made straps, the prices and inventory can't even come close to being matched by retailers, and one thing I really like is you can order any quantity- sometimes you just don't need a box load of something. The only drawback I've come across is probably not even their fault- they're just far enough away that UPS is a little slow and expensive; although the folks at Lodi have shipped best way for me which again shows their attention to serving the customer, even the small ones.
08/11/10 Don Teunissen — 5 / 5 stars
Mike and his team has always come through for us and is always willing to work with us Great company!1
08/11/10 john schachermeyer — 5 / 5 stars
we have been buying from lodi metals for 20 plus years.always in stock and on time . best pricing i have found
08/10/10 Steve Lee — 5 / 5 stars
I have purchased pads, straps and cargo beams from Lodi Metals for many years. Their service is promped and their products are as promotted.
08/02/10 Dave Smotzer — 5 / 5 stars
I have been using Lodi for many years for Industrial ratchet and strap applications. Highly recommend to our sub-contractors and others looking for ratchets & straps. Great products, reliable customer service, at competitive pricing. Products are consistently delivered on, or ahead of schedule.
08/02/10 Steve Vardzel — 5 / 5 stars
Lodi provides a very good quality product at a very competitive price. Customer service is second to none. We purchase a signifigant volume with them and we are completely satified. The sales represenatives are professional and attentive to our needs. The shipping is always timely and accurate. The billing is always correct. I highly reccomend Lodi for all of your strap needs.
07/29/10 JON HOBBS — 5 / 5 stars
Lodi Metals is the only place to purchase ratchets and straps, if you want competitive prices and reliable service.
07/16/10 James Davis — 5 / 5 stars
Lodi Metals is an excellent supplier with good service. They deliver and excellent product and customer satisfaction is their goal.
07/16/10 Pam Taptich — 5 / 5 stars
Timely response to email requests. Confirms Purchases and acknowledges delivery, products received as promised without delay. Pricing is competitive.
07/15/10 john ousley — 5 / 5 stars

the Lodi metals people have been handling our needs for 6 years.
They are compeitive in price,good customer service and are prompt on their delivery time to our company.
Large orders or small they have been prompt on getting their products to our sites.
07/08/10 Jo Russell — 5 / 5 stars
Lodi Metals is a great company to do business with. They have wonderful customer service on top of great business ethic. I've been buying from them for years and truly enjoy doing business with them!
07/06/10 Dave Johnson — 5 / 5 stars
Lodi is a vendor-partner that offers consistent competative pricing with superior customer service.
07/06/10 Gary Black — 5 / 5 stars
We have been doing business with LODI for several years. Excellent service, pricing and partnership.
06/29/10 Mike Stevens — 5 / 5 stars
Awesome company to work with. Great prices and service.
06/24/10 Sharon Long — 5 / 5 stars
We have been doing business with Mike at Lodi Metals for over 12 years. Lodi provides us with the logistics supplies needed for our trailers. Lodi offers a high quality product yet offers competitive pricing.
06/17/10 Kristin Strait — 5 / 5 stars
Just placed my 2nd order with Adam @ Lodi Metals. Fast, efficient and my order will be shipping out the same day.
06/16/10 Amy Smith — 5 / 5 stars
Excellent company with great customer service.
Also very competative. I would not order from anywhere else.
06/14/10 Robin Jones — 5 / 5 stars
Excellent turn around. Ordered Thursday 06/10 at my door Monday 06/13. Looks to be high quality at a very good price.
06/14/10 Tim Lambert — 5 / 5 stars
As a boater it is difficult to find the right straps with the right hardware. Most transom straps available on the market are usually to light duty or the hooks are turned the wrong way and so on.
After searching the internet for the right strap I decided that a custom strap was needed.
I called Lodi Metals and was hooked up with Adam. Adam understood what I needed, he emailed me pictures of the hardware to ensure I understood what he was describing and he even went to the production floor to verify they could produce what I was asking for.
When I placed the order I was confident that I was getting what I needed. Rare in this day and age. The salemen always seem to know better than I what I need and it never seems to be right the first time.
Needless to say 3 days later these straps arrived exactly as I ordered them. Not to mention both straps with shipping was the same prices as 1 generic transom strap.
I must say working with Adam made this a painless purchase. I felt from the moment I spoke with him he was there to help me purchase what I was looking for, not what he thought I needed.
Adam and Lodi Metals treated me as if I was a huge order. They made me feel like they were in business to help me. They manufatured and delivered to my door in 3 days even though it was only a $28 order.
I will never buy another generic strap in the future because I have Lodi Metals standing by to make exactly what I need, when I need it!
Thanks Adam!
06/10/10 Tim Gaertner — 5 / 5 stars
Very pleased with our purchasing experience here.Easy site navigation,great service & most of all quality strapping/hardware.Even found the camouflage(straps)my son has been after for his numerous ATV's.Once I find a proven source I stick with it & highly recommend this one.Thanks for this opportunity to voice out.Tim
06/10/10 Craig Morrison — 5 / 5 stars
Lodi Metals provides an excellent, quality strap at an affordable price. We have purchased straps from Lodi for many years, and much of what we buy is custom for our needs. Their turn-around time on manufacturing is quick, customer service is great, and they always provide an excellent strap that does the job. I would recommend Lodi Metals without hesitation, because they deliver what they say and make a superior product.