The Reason Why You Need Tie Down Straps

Published on 06/10/19

Today we will be going over the importance of Tie Down Straps and how they changed the safety of securing cargo forever.

According to a study done by AAA, between the years of 2011 and 2014 over 200,000 accidents were caused due to debris on the roads. Of these 200,000 incidents, 500 tragically resulted in fatalities. Among the most common reasons for debris on the road was unsecured cargo falling into the roadway. The ultimate takeaway from these types of accidents is that they are almost always avoidable!

Whether you are a commercial truck driver or a non-commercial driver there are many reasons to make sure that you have the proper tools to secure your load and Tie Down Straps area. Great way to do that. The following article is a discussion of the reasons why you should invest in Tie Down Straps today.

Highway Safety for Tie Down Straps

Itʼs the Law

The number of laws on the books concerning cargo control and load securement is expansive and sometimes confusing but that does not mean we can disregard them altogether. The Department of Transportation has very particular methods for cargo securement that may seem unnecessary at times but are ultimately the safe way to operate.

The Tie Down method you choose, the Working Load Limit of the Tie Down Straps you use, the position you place your straps in, and the types of cargo you are hauling are all regulated. Failure to follow these regulations can result in lasting repercussions for commercial drivers.

Also according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), every state in the US has made it illegal for cargo to fall off of the back of a vehicle on the roadways. Even drivers with a non-commercial license can be subject to fines ranging from $10 to $5,000 or even jail time. This is one reason why the Tie Down Straps you choose is extremely important! Because it is the law!

Highway Debris from unsecured load

Itʼs the safe thing to do

Laws are great for reinforcing good and safe behavior on the roadways but they should not be the only reason that we conduct ourselves in a safe manner! Just think about the 200,000 accidents that were caused from 2011 to 2014. Put yourself in the shoes of the people and families that were affected by those avoidable circumstances. Think even more about the 500 people that were tragically killed in one of the accidents.

All because someone failed to secure their load properly. It goes way past laws when you think about the lives of the people affected. If you put yourself in their shoes it will make you think twice about hauling your next load without proper cargo securement methods. Tie Down Straps and other methods of load securement could be the difference between life or death so you should take all the necessary precautions!

What are your options for Securing Cargo?

You might be wondering, What is the best way to tie down my load? and that is a great question. It all depends on what you are hauling but the most common type of Tie Down method is a Ratchet Strap.

Ratchet Straps come in many sizes, the most common being 1-4 inches wide. Each of these different sizes has a different breaking strength and Working Load Limit. These are the two numbers that the Department of Transportation uses to enforce some of its current laws.

The type of Ratchet Strap or Tie Down Strap that you use should have a Working Load Limit that is far above what your load actually ways to provide an extra layer of safety against possible load shifts that could cause an accident. Using bungee cords and rope are far inferior options compared to Tie Down Straps.

For Extremely heavy loads, you may want to consider using chains to secure your cargo. Chains tend to be stronger than standard Tie Down Straps so they are often used for hauling heavy machinery. They are also a lot more rigid than straps so they are able to hold the load tighter under great stress without any stretching or tearing.

Where can you find Tie Down Straps?

There are many different places that specialize in cargo control products and itʼs easy to tell them apart but one company that we recommend is Ratchet Straps USA. They specialize in Tie Down Straps and Cargo Securement Straps that are made and assembled right here in the USA. Each strap can be customized to fit your exact specifications and their wide variety of hardware makes it easy to find the right piece you need!

They have been serving the cargo control community for over 13 years and have established themselves as one of the leaders in the Ratchet Strap community. Head on over to their website to get your Tie Down Straps today and keep our roadways safe!