A Simplified Way to Learn How to Work Ratchet Straps

Published on 08/23/13

Transporting heavy items to your customers to complete a big order or moving items to a new location during a big move is no problem when you know how to work ratchet straps to secure your load. By wrapping a commercial-grade ratchet strap around a big item and then tightening and securing it to the trailer or truck that is transporting it, you can ensure a safe delivery that is both hassle-free and worry-free. It’s a smart choice for business owners who don’t have the time to deal with broken items or damaged shipments.

When you are preparing items for transport, begin by using moving blankets to cover larger items in order to prevent them from getting scratched or bumped while the truck or trailer is in motion. Once you’ve got everything loaded up and covered, you can start using the ratchet straps.

It’s easy to learn how to thread ratchet straps. First, making sure you avoid twisting the strap, wrap it around an object and thread it through the ratcheting portion, or take-up spool, located at one end of the strap. Once you’ve got the strap pulled through, you’ll want to pull on it, removing almost all of the extra slack, but leaving enough so that you don’t cause any damage.

To tighten the ratchet strap, all you have to do is move then handle back and forth in a cranking, or “ratcheting” motion. This is a pretty easy process to complete, and after anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two, you’ll have a load that is properly secured and that won’t come lose in the event of an impact.

When you use ratchet straps, you can rest assured that items will always arrive at their destination intact and you customers will never have to be disappointed.