A Safety Guide for How To Assemble Ratchet Straps

Published on 08/12/13

It’s not only dangerous to drive with a load that hasn’t been properly secured, but it’s also illegal as well and can result in huge traffic fines if you are caught or if you are involved in an accident. Cargo that falls off of a moving truck or a trailer doesn’t just hurt the cargo, but it could potentially cause harm to people who are simply in the wrong place at the right time as well.

In order to safely transport items from your warehouse to your customers, or from an old house to a new location, you must know how to assemble ratchet straps the right way in order to avoid potentially hurting someone or getting a ticket due to having an improperly secured load. You don’t have to be superman to use ratchet straps, but you do need to have some strength and know-how in order to use them correctly.

The first key to properly securing your load with ratchet straps is to start with a well-made strap that is deigned to hold the weight of your cargo. When reading ratchet tie down instructions, one of the most important things to note is that ratchet straps are rated depending on how much weight they can hold. Make sure you choose the right straps and always go for a stronger weight than you really need to ensure a strong fit.

When securing your ratchet straps, make sure that the strap is able to make it all around the cargo and that you are able to tighten the strap adequately using the ratchet assembling. If you have any doubts that your load has been secured the right way, ask someone for help with inspecting it. You never want to leave your location with a load that isn’t secured, so for your own benefit and for those who will be sharing the road with you, always make sure that your cargo is secure.